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I have been tremendously blessed with four beautiful kiddos. They are presently 9, 7, 5 and 3 and yes, I have my hands full. Never have they been as full as they are right now, however. In February, we found out that our youngest daughter, Jordan has a rare structural brain abnormality called pachygyria which causes speech and coordination delays (which she has) as well as epilepsy (which we suspect). We’ve been busy busy busy getting everything set up for her so she can be successful and that means a lot of early-intervention therapy, special-needs preschool and more doctor appointments than I care to dwell on. She’s doing remarkably well and we’ve been so blessed with the best physicians and even better therapists who are making huge gains with Jordan every week.

I’m often asked “how is Jordan doing with all of this?” and my answer is always that she’s fantastic! She’s having the absolute time of her life! Therapy is super fun and she loves meeting new people, and has no fear of doctors, so she’s loving every moment of it all! The truth is that I don’t think you could get this kiddo down. She is and always has been the happiest child in the universe. She’s so happy, in fact, that I was inspired to do a “Happy” photo shoot with the kids. We had a blast and even shot some video to go along with all the happiness, which I don’t typically do but I sure enjoyed adding this component to the slideshow. I love how you can see all of my kids’ personalities come out in the clips and I had no idea what a good dancer my son Brendan is. 🙂 In all of the struggles over the past few months, we are choosing to be happy, and it’s easy enough to do when we look at the faces of these precious children, and especially Jordan who is happy all the time, no matter what. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Enjoy and may this bring you a little bit of happiness too!

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