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I remember my first camera. It was a blue Kodak 110 film camera that my mom bought me for Christmas when I was five. I was so excited! I spent the rest of my childhood clicking away, mostly at my cat, but I LOVED taking pictures! I graduated to my dad’s Nikon F2 35mm film camera when I was in High School and I began learning the art of photography while I was also working at a local photo lab, developing other people’s pictures. (Oh, the stories I could tell from that job!) I really didn’t have a desire then to be a professional photographer, but I sure enjoyed taking and making pictures, and a High School job working at the photo lab sure beat flipping burgers or delivering pizzas.

While I’ve always been interested in photography, it became a passion when my daughter Madelynn was born in 2004. I had been working in marketing and advertising but I planned to quit my job to stay home and be a full-time mom, envisioning myself baking, cooking, cleaning and carting my child to various activities. What I ended up doing was staying home in my pajamas and taking pictures of my daughter all day. I was driven to create not only memories, but beautiful images I could cherish as she grew, which she was doing far too quickly! I began One 3 Photography in 2005 and I have been so blessed to see my passion of creating memories grow into a company that I’m so proud to call my own. When I began the business, I thought it would just be “my thing” but my husband Ryan joined me for every session and soon was shooting too. We make a great team, both in life and in art and he’s a valuable part of One 3.

I’m a passionate person, with a great deal of interests, not limited to photography, but most of my interests end up being photographed. I love Starbucks and Diet Coke, though not together. I love going out to fancy places with ¬†dear friends, and staying home with my family, (in part because taking four little kids to a restaurant is nothing short of disaster). I love daffodils and stargazer lilies and I love to plant flowers and vegetables in my garden with my oldest daughter (though I usually end up replanting the ones she did). I love to play Legos and super heroes with my boys and snuggling with my youngest daughter. I love Fall and am known for my total dislike of all other seasons. I love Nikon cameras and will always be a Nikon photographer (sorry Canon friends). I love the way life looks through my lens, I love capturing the moments that matter with my clients and I love being creative. I love babies, bellies, weddings, families and everything in between. I look forward to working with you to capture your loves, and all the moments that matter to you.

Kelly Kennedy

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