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The Devlin Family

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE the Devlin Family. Three babies and I’m not sure how many sessions later and they just feel like family to me. Their kiddos are like my little niece and nephews and I just adore working with them! We did our session for Brody’s 1st Birthday (Wait, what? Already??? How did that happen?) at the Goldfield Ghost Town and it was the coolest place. We had a blast. The kids had a blast. Smiles all around! Yay!

Happy birthday (not so) little Brody. And to my buddies, Cash and Harper I just love you more and more each session. You guys are the best.

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Wonderfully Made

My beautiful daughter Jordan was diagnosed a few months ago with a rare structural brain abnormality called pachygyria. Jordan’s brain wasn’t formed correctly, so where there should be folds and ridges, Jordan’s brain is flatter than it should be and the folds she does have are thicker than they should be. This abnormality in shape causes developmental, speech and coordination delays as well as seizures. In the months since we discovered this condition, Jordan has made huge gains in progress, thanks to her speech, occupational and physical therapies. Her therapists are just angels in our lives who have given her new skills and have given us hope that maybe Jordan will be able to accomplish more than is expected for someone with her disorder. The last months have been long and hard and many days are hearts are heavy with the weight and reality of her diagnosis, but little Jordan moves through life with sunshine and rainbows and brings joy to even the hardest of days.

I have been wrestling with the “special needs” label that we have been given. Some days I find myself embracing it and some days I feel troubled by it, so I decided to do a photo shoot of my little gal celebrating her beauty and joyful spirit. The idea came to me after we did a 5 day hospital stay for an extended EEG to determine if she was having seizures and Jordan had to wear a little crown of leads and gauze and wires for five days. You would think she would be annoyed by being trapped in a hospital room for so long with stuff all over her, but she handled it all with happiness, just as she does everything else. Unfortunately, her hospital stay wasn’t productive as we didn’t observe any “typical” events and therefore were unable to monitor them for seizure activity, so we will likely be doing another study in the future. While spending so many unproductive days in the hospital, I started dreaming of a different kind of crown for little Jordan and a beautiful flower crown was donated to us by an amazing florist, Mandi at Butterfly Petals (ButterflyPetals) for her shoot. Jordan loved wearing her new crown and playing in the forest, rather than playing in a hospital room. My beautiful girl is a blessing to us and to every single person who meets her. She’s just a ray of sunshine and delight with infectious happiness that makes everyone smile.

Though we’ve come so far in a short period of time, Jordan has a long way to go. She has a lifetime of challenges ahead of her. Seizures, hospital stays, therapies, doctor appointments and who knows what else. The next step for her is genetic testing to determine if her brain abnormality was caused by a genetic mutation or just a fluke of mis-development in the 2nd trimester. Jordan’s genetic testing is costly but necessary so I’ve designed a shirt that will help support Jordan and her needed testing as well as her ongoing therapies. I hope you love the design! Check it out HERE.
As I’ve struggled down this special needs road, I’ve found myself among the most beautiful company of supporters and families who struggle as we do. I’m proud to announce that One 3 Photography will be launching a division to serve special needs families through photography. More on that soon … in the meantime, enjoy my beautiful Jordan who was fearfully and wonderfully made. Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us, thought of us, encouraged us and supported us. We are so thankful for you.

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Baby Emmalyn

Oh, little Emmalyn was such a delight to work with! She reminded me soooooooo much of her sweet big brother Liam when he was her age! As always, it’s a joy to work with this wonderful family and I’m so blessed to welcome another little baby into the world with them. Congratulations Ashley, James and Liam. Emmalyn is the perfect addition to your precious family.

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Kemma + Shane = Hope

I was recently reminded that even the bad times in life aren’t entirely 100% bad. This statement has never been more true than in the last few months as I have found myself on an unexpected and tumultuous journey with my youngest daughter Jordan, as we’ve discovered and are coping with her brain abnormality. I have to remind myself of it daily though. I mean, nothing can be good about a child having a brain disorder that causes delays and epilepsy, right? Right. Except for the parts that are good and sweet and beautiful in the middle of all the heartache. Like, for example, the incredible people who have already changed our lives so profoundly and so quickly that we feel so blessed to be on this journey with them. One such blessing is Jordan’s incredible Occupational Therapist, Jody, who has made huge gains with her in such a short time. I just love watching them work together! Jordan loves Jody (or Jodilee as she calls her) so much that she now calls everyone Jody. Some random lady in the hospital: Jodilee. Her other therapists: Jodilee. Her favorite doll: Jodilee. Dory from Finding Nemo: Jodileeeeeeee! She’s made quite the impression! It makes sense, Jody is an amazing gal and we’re so blessed to know her, even under these circumstances. These last few months of adjusting to a new normal has been rough, but not all entirely bad thanks to people like Jody.

When I learned that Jody’s mom was battling cancer, I knew I wanted to do something for her but what in the world do you do for someone you don’t know who is thousands of miles away? Well, I have basically one skill, so I thought maybe I should use it and she would like some pictures of her precious grandkiddos to cheer her up because all grandmas like pictures, right? I had such a fun time working with Kemma and Shane at the Salt River for their photo shoot. They are both so fun and photogenic and they are two of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet and I can see why they bring such joy to their Grandma Judy. I hope their love from afar brings her even just a tiny moment of joy in the middle of her fight versus cancer, because I think that’s the only thing that would get you through it all – being aware of how loved you are, how impactful you have been, and how everyone around you is cheering for you, praying for you and thinking of you.

Every little thing is gonna be alright.

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Marcy - Just cried again looking at these…

Jody Goudreau - Thank you Kelly for these amazing pictures! What a wonderful gift to share with my mom…..happy tears shed looking at these!

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